Saturday, September 30, 2006

ETA terrorist high rank officer in Hugo Chavez's government of thugs

While Hugo Chavez howls in the UN that the US government is an hypocrite because they hide terrorists (or freedom figthers? as they like to call their own) like Posada Carriles, the government of Venezuelan, not only hides them, but employs them.

"The Venezuelan Embassy meanwhile confirmed on Wednesday that an ETA terrorist is on the staff of the Venezuelan Ministry for Agriculture.
Arturo Cubillas, who was wanted for three ETA assassinations in Spain, has held the position of Director assigned to the Ministry’s Administration and Services Office since October 2005. His wife has recently been promoted within the Venezuelan Presidential Office. Cubillas was deported to Venezuela from Algeria in 1989, after extradition proceedings between Spain and Algeria broke down." Source.

Who is the biggest hypocrite in this story??? WHO???????

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