Thursday, September 28, 2006

What should Venezuelans do with Chavez?

What should a country do with a president who has acted criminally against the nation's interest?

From an email from someone who is related to the industry and CITGO:

Consequences from Chavez big mouth bully speech at the UN:

* BY last Friday Citgo had received more than 70 clients (about 3,500 gas stations - 30% of total), notifying Citgo that they want to end their contract of supplies and flags.

* The union of workers of Citgo had notify a decision of removing any logo of the company on the uniforms since they are ashamed to work for this company and they also feel attacked as citizens by you-know-who's speech at you-know-where.

* That Citgo received a letter from Governor Pataki, in which he was declining the heating oil low priced gift from Chavez. This is the only news I got related to it. I don't think this is totally true otherwise we should have heard about it. Surely Pataki doesn't like Chavez though.

* That in Boston the citizens were organizing into signing letters to ask for a removal of the Citgo sign. Also in Houston.

* Also, in Houston, the management of a Football team notify the ending of a sponsorship contract as well of the removal of a big Citgo sign, since the fotball fans were theatening with boycott them for the season.

* That is very possible that Citgo will loose 50% of the market and 10,000 syndicated gas stations since people are not buying gas there (I guess this is in addition to the 7-11 incident) (I haven't in a long time, how unfortunate. I remeber when I came to this country how proud made me feel to buy gas at Citgo)...

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