Monday, October 09, 2006

UH-HA Chavez NO SE VA!

Saturday Avalancha con Manuel Rosales.

Sunday chavista carnival march with King Momo Hugo Chavez.

Notice the difference in crowd of candidate Rosales and candidate Chavez. After seeing this pictures I have come to the conclusion that Chavez is not going anywhere. You can mark this worlds from feathers, the penguinbird-prophet of doom. Chavez will comitt fraud surely after watching Sat on the TV the reality he has being avoiding. The former Chavez superstar has lost his support. The "La Paragua" massacre comitted by the Venezuelan military and brought to the news by the only survivor miner that fake his death, was also a very important factor of Chavez's lost of support.

And King Momo has started to cover up. The coverage of the state tv channel VTV (took over by chavismo, and has become the propaganda arm of Chavez), shown the Rosales march only with close ups since they didn't want to face reality with the crowd of escuálidos. Alek had a very good article about this.

The Associated Press have some problems estimating the amount of people who went to the march on Saturday.

"Caracas' metropolitan police estimated the crowd at about 9,000, but reporters on the scene estimated the turnout was above 10,000. The crowd packed full a 3-kilometer (2-mile) avenue."

Uh? Alek also have a very interesting not to be missed article about this here.


A Chavista from Noticiero Digital posted this:

Con mi negra no te metas cara**!!! The more I watch it, the more it cracks me up. Enjoy!

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