Saturday, October 14, 2006

What kind of love is this?

I imagine that many of you have seen already Chavez's new little "baby blue" riding hood campaing of love...

However, one has to have very bad memory not to remeber the type of love that the cucooo president of Venezuela have to the media, any media that is not controlled by his paws. So much that he launch the military and the police everytime he can to "control" the reporters who are ONLY DOING THEIR JOB.

Another demostration of love from Chavez, this one to ALL to the Venezuelan citizens who DARE to dissent with his revolution: "Te ordeno la aplicación del plan ávila"

Mi message to Mr. President is:

No me quieras tanto brother!!!

h/t to Juancho19 for the good eye picking this videos of Chavez's love for his people.

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