Wednesday, November 15, 2006

El Conde quits...

"I am retiring through the front door, without backing anyone, and I am letting all my followers free to vote for the candidate of their preference," he stated.

EL CDTM!!!!!!!!!!

Now there's NO difference for this MF to vote for democracy or for the "democratic comunism" whatever you call the piece of shit plan of Chavez indefinite reelection fraudulent mafiosi government.

EL CDTM!!!!!!!!!! 1000 TIMES 1000!!!

What a sellfish SOB!!!! How sad people only look for their interests. Venezuela still needs to walk a long way to become a real democratic country!!

Y no creas que si gana Rosales y la democracia es reestablecida que voto por tí en otra ocasión. Es que te hago la campaña en contra, SINVERGUENZA. Tanto que me gustabas CDM!

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