Thursday, November 16, 2006

A reason on why I will NEVER vote democrat...

"Chavez then recalled how he was able to have a dialogue with President Clinton. “I received various emissaries from President Clinton,” said Chavez, emphasizing that such discussions were conducted quietly, “without convoking a press conference.” Also, the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela at the time, John Maisto, never said anything against Venezuela. “Now [after election], hopefully, the Democratic Party will come out with the best it has, the best of its principles,” he exclaimed.

Recalling the 2004 presidential campaign, Chavez told of how the Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, made overtures to contact him, via Citgo, and that Kerry sent warm greetings at the time. This gave him some hope that if Kerry were to win, a relationship of mutual respect with the U.S. could be started. However, a few days after the Citgo meeting, Kerry’s campaign came out with a strong anti-Chavez statement, which Chavez attributed to an error within the Kerry campaign, to “infiltrators” and thus decided not to respond publicly to the statement. Instead, he sent a private message to Kerry, saying that he doesn’t ask Kerry to put on Chavez’s trademark red beret. Instead, “If Kerry has to say that Chavez is a tyrant, fine, but then, once elected, we talk.”

From Greg Wilpert's article in Political Affairs (originally published by

Republicans in my opinion are no saints, and are very sneacky too, but they are a little bit more open about being like that, (I am a piece of shit but I have to be like that) than the democrats. Democrats in this department carry the flag of hypocrisy.

People say that Chavez and Bush have a lot in common in the sense they are both very authoritarian. I don't know, but one thing has come perfectly clear to me in this article, and it's that George W. Bush administration is not into any type of under the table negotiation with Chavez. Otherwise Mr. Big Mouth would have come with some hints. You can tell that this is exactly what Chavez HATE about George Bush. He has ignored him to the point that he hasn't even sent an envoy for a secret meeting, etc, etc... Some people would say this is bad diplomacy and that's why G. W. Bush government is in the place it is. BUT I gotta love him for this.

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