Friday, January 05, 2007


I recently saw "Apocalypto". I must confess that I didn't want it to see it, since reviews were that the movie was extremely violent. I usually don't like violence in movies ot TV series, with the exception of some (The Sopranos, The Wire, Rome, Snatch, I hate Tarantino's violence but like the concept of their movies, though didn't finish watching Sin City). And then, it was spoken in Mayan dialect. Uhmmm... Well, I saw it and the violence in this movie is totally within the context of the Mayan culture. Yes, the Maya was a great culture, great engineers, astronomers, but yes, they also ripped hearts from live people for sacrifice. And this was a very dominant aspect of their culture. If there's any violence justified to be portraited on a movie, is this one. Why the rant?

My suspicion is that the "OMG it's soooo violent" against this movie is only because it's Mel Gibson's.

Even the way the heart was ripped on Indiana Jones was more explicit. But of course, it's Steven Spielberg. I don't remember a media-craze about it.

In any case, "Apocalypto" was a very good movie. Maybe not the best movie ever, not extremely accurate in timing since the Mayan left their cities long before the Spaniards came, but in the name of this is not a documentary but an entertaining movie, it was very good. In the end, I really like it was spoken on Mayan, it gave the movie the character needed. Sometimes you get into a movie that could have been much better if not because of the script, like Tom Cruise speaking like a XX century gringo in "The last Samurai". That was such a turn-off.

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