Monday, January 08, 2007

We must be all pendejos, indeed Mr. President

"Sr. Insulza, váyase con su insulsería para otro lado. Vaya que es bien pendejo el Dr. Insulza,un verdadero pendejo. Pendejo desde la p hasta la o"

-Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias. 01-08-07.

(Update: Watch video here.)

The latest priceless delirious comment of lunatic Hugo Chavez is to dismiss the recommendations of the CEV (Venezuela Episcopal Conference, in other words the official diplomatic representation of the Vatican in the country) and also to call OAS general secretary Jose Miguel Insulza a "pendejo" ONLY because of his observations are against the regime.

Jorge Rodriguez, the new VP, mini JVR, the son of the Prince of Darkness, decided he wanted also to comment about the topic.

The chavista government of Venezuela, in flagrant violation of the law of TV and radio, has decided they won't be renewing the broadcasting license of one of the oldest TV stations of the country, Radio Caracas TV, for obvious reasons, the channel is a strong and relentless critic of Hugo Chavez and all his long list of civil, human rights abuses and unfulfilled promises (children in the streets, penitentiary conditions etc). That is my dear lads, like if Mr. Georgie Boy decided one way or the other, with or against the law, that they will be closing CNN, or other TV news channels who are against the line of the government.

Marcel Granier, president of RCTV explains the situation on an interview:

Now, watch Mr. Chavez in his Teniente Coronel military outfit telling the RCTV people (Marcel Granier) to "pack their luggage" since HE won't renew RCTV's broadcast license. (Don't miss the faces of boredom of the military on the back, AND BADUEL behavior all along the speech).

And please, let's not forget the people, imitating their beloved leader, who, in their most humble fascist ignorance said that this is an excellent decision, and the guy with the red t-shirt saying that the media MUST be in favor of the government (only the female -duh- realized that something is up to no good with this). Good Lord.

More on the RCTV case here, here and here.

And in Spanish here.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Just like any infomercial will tell you, Mr. Chavez not only plans not to renew RCTV broadcasting license, but also he plans to nationalize the telephone company CANTV (it was privatized years ago). So, that means, everybody who uses the phone, have an email with CANTV, or get his internet connection through them will be under the watchful eye of Big Brother Hugo. God forbids if you dissent with his madness.

I had said it before, 2007 will be the year of expropriating private property and companies for the communist government of Hugo Chavez.

God bless,

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