Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Former ally labels Chávez as dictatorial

"The (Venezuelan) Government does not abide by any rule. It features all the characteristics of a dictatorial government, a hypocrite authoritarianism seeking to remain in force somehow in the current world scenario. It intends to centralize power in all senses, and exert a stronger, more forceful authoritarian power,"

- Luis Miquilena, former Minister of the Interior and Justice and former Hugo Chávez' political ally.

"Any reform under construction has a reactionary character and is intended to take away democratic vindications provided under the Constitution," Miquilena said in connection with a planned constitutional reform.

The former strong man in Chávez administration branded the Venezuelan ruler's "21st Century Socialism" as "minestrone." "Not even Chávez knows what it is. Anything he comes up with, any arbitrariness he deems good, he puts it in the little book ((of the 21st Century Socialism)". This is a series of arbitrary improvisations by an individual surrounded by people who follow his orders."

Miquilena said his differences with Chávez "became impossible to bridge when he took the road to the cliff of arbitrariness and started to believe he is a superman and became almighty."

Just remember that Miquilena is the father of Frankestein.

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