Monday, January 29, 2007

Salvadora Guaraco's Interview

(Click on the pict of Salvadora for her speech).

This woman is nothing but a humble, popular political representative from one of the most populated low income neighborhoods of Caracas, the barrio "23 de Enero".

I subscribe 100% to the voice of critic from this humble and very brilliant woman against the madness of Hugo Chavez. Maybe she is not representative of the common Juan Bimba, since she is very smart, but I suspect that her DESPERATE voice is the voice of many poors but doesn't know how to put it in words. Her desperation really touches me to the core. And you can feel this cry on everybody these days in Venezuela, the businessman, the perrocalientero, the rich, the motorizado, the professional, the uneducated, the doctor, the poor, etc.

VTV, the state channel who has taken over by Chavismo, and other media has denied her an interview, so offered to put her speech for the whole world to listen.

Unfortunately, this will be one of the last free speech you will see coming from Venezuela, since crazy Hugo wants to take over and control the internet, the Tv and the radio waves.

You are watching it... live... the destruction of a whole country by the madness of one.

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