Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two peas in a pod...

From Quico's blog, a lovely snapshot from Beirut:

Btw, don't miss Quico's excellent essay on why Venezolanos have become so desensitize to any scandal:

"The powerful are no longer, in principle, shamable. And they long ago discarded the possibility that allegations coming from dissidents may, at least in theory, be true. As far as they're concerned, the fact that it is an opponent making an allegation is enough to demonstrate its falsehood. More often than not, allegations are simply ignored. When their existence is acknowledged, it is not to rebut them but to attack the oligarchs who leveled them. In fact, the principled refusal to engage with the substance of opponents' allegations has come to be seen as a sort of badge of revolutionary purity."

Not only that, God forgive the one, who in the name of morality, ethics, logic, common sense or regard for natural law (see above pict, YIKES!), decides to pass judgement on any behaviour or action of this band of thugs. UHHH AHHH who are you to judge? So what is left? Chavez and a baboon together? The corruption and stealing are up to highest, off the chart records. The political lack of ethics and mediocrity high as well... So, my friends, in that mud of moral relativism among the powerful political class you can find the new "leadership" of Venezuela swimming happily. Not good news my friends. Humans have spent centuries trying to get civilized. Chavismo is doing whatever in their means to get back to living in trees and to get the law of the revolver and pull the hair out of your neighbor the only ones to respect and follow. All of that under the watchful eye of King Hugo. He is the one above all of us, the one who will decide, ultimately what is good and what is bad, who will go to jail and who will get a prize for being faithful to him. Just like that.

Now we only need Chavez to become a Muslim, seriously. But, I must warn Mr. President... Muslims hang homosexuals and others with "alternative" life styles at public squares. (Do you think Ahmadinejad have seen this pict yet?). Do you think this pict raised some eyebrows among the clerics of the middle east?

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