Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gulliverio Chavez

This picture says it all.

This caption of AM Mora at Publius Pundit made me laugh: "Chavez and his little men at today’s cabinet presentation in Lilliput". But then, this is no Jay Leno.

Yeah! He is soooo BIG. We got you Hugo. You are so BIG. And your mole too, ufff... I am telling you... this picture says it all. I mean, c'mon look at the big picture of the guy. Is he trying to compete with Mao's picture at Tiananmen Square? (I have been there, you won't believe the proportions of that picture, as well as the square, I never seen anything anything like that).

This whole business of this man's ego would be hillarious if this lunatic nutcase won't be messing up with my country, a whole country with 26 millions of pendejos inside of it. This Chavez picture reminds me those guys who buy a big truck and put monster wheels on it. Visually totally contaminating, and sooo oh soooo annoying. You know perfectly well what this is all about. The lack of size (or performance) of that thing that all man have. Pathetic.

But, the worst part of this story is that the Chavez appointed "Congress" (Asamblea National), is giving Herr Majesty, powers to rule by decree. Give me a break.

Can you see a worst panorama than this for Venezuela?

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