Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Feb 9, 2007. The day that the iPhone came to live


What a product. I am a mac girl, however I was like, a phone on an Ipod? Nah, that has to be a very complicated bad idea, really.

But, Steve Jobs presentation really led me in awe. I started watching it making fun of all the cult mac people applauding the guy for everylittle thing he said, and I ended like WOW. My husband, which is a PC guy was like, I think I am gonna get one of those (He refused to buy an iPod and bought a dell mp3 player, which he rarely uses. I use my iPod all the time). I have to say, Steve Jobs really is an example of forcing yourself not to follow the trend and think outside the box. He deserves all the fame and glory and $$$$ he has. I think that yesterday, he cleaned the floor with the blackberry et all market.

Seriously, that little gadget works like witchcraft. Way to go, Steve Jobs.

Two cons:

1) The only mobile carrier available to use with your iPhone will be Cingular. I have Cingular and I hate them. Cingular is an AT&T company. Do I need to say more? AT&T it's like the devil company, they were force to break down a while ago and since them they are buying everything under the sky -again- geez. They have a lot of hidden charges and very bad costumer service. DEFINETELY a con.

2) Price. US $499 for a 4 GB model and $599 for the 8 GB model makes on the expensive side, however they file 2,000 patents for this little thing. The product totally deserves the price, but a lot of people won't pay for it.

In any case, the iPhone is totally genius.

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