Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hugo Chavez, super economist of the XXI Century

"A Central Bank with no autonomy is unthinkable,"

- Domingo Maza Zavala, Director of the Central Bank of Venezuela

"The central bank must be autonomous. Otherwise, the people will lose confidence in the currency,'' Maza said in an interview ...

In the meantime, Venezuela's greatest superhero, comedian, president Hugo Chavez, and now the economist of the century, barfed with his perpetual flow of wisdom:

"The central bank shouldn't be autonomous,'' Chavez said. "That is one of the biggest mistakes of the constitution.''

Of course he didn't explain to us, mere mortals who doesn't share his enlightenment, why this is a big mistake. Would like to know an explanation in the words of Herr Majesty, Hugo. Ah! Since he have plans to eliminate currency (please check the face of horror of the Chavistas listening to this barbaric economic class)... Only HE and his friends will be able to have dollars or any currency in a foreign bank account in Switzerland. The rest of Venezuelan will carry some casino chips who will loose value as time passes by (who won't permit Venezuelans to save) which only can be exchanged for rice and old bread when you can find it at the corner state store. If you want to buy a beer with those exchange barter units, you'll have to born again in another country who permits buying whatever you want with the money earned with your decent sweat and talent.

Whatever you say man...

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