Monday, January 08, 2007

Pathetic nationalization plans for Venezuela

Not only CANTV is going to be nationalized, but madman Chavez has plans to nationalize all telecommunication and power companies too. As soon as Mr. Jinx opened his big mouth this afternoon, the CANTV stock went down 14%. Rie pagliacci! Vesti la giubba!

So, a lot of investment will probable leave but some scoundrels investors who will pact with the Devil for high risk operations. Only the ones who will give HIM a lot of % will stay under his protection. I am starting to think he takes all his decisions after watching The Sopranos. He is so predictable and so crazy at the same time. Ah! That's why he is laughing.

Surely, this decision will hurt the economy. This won't help the country at all. How do you envision Venezuela in a few years?

No TV but few mediocre propaganda channels like in Cuba, no investment and a lot of organized crime protected by the state. No employment, professional, qualified human resources working as prostitutes all along with the myriad of homeless that walk along the streets of the cities. A total disgrace.

Does he really think he will be regarded by history with a crown of laurel for his achievements 'a la Napoleon? Que pava. Ni que se bañe con sangre de tigre en los sótanos de Miraflores papá. Too bad that a lot of ignorant folks still believe in him as the greatest Venezuelan hero.

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