Saturday, January 13, 2007

International press organizations against the abuse of power of Hugo Chavez's communist regime towards TV Channel RCTV

Just imagine George Bush trying to come after CNN and other channels who are against him... well, that's exactly what's happening in Venezuela with RCTV who decided not to bend over to King Hugo's madness (like other channels did).

"IPI: measure against RCTV is an attempt to silence critical voice
The International Press Institute (IPI) strongly condemned in Vienna the decision by President Chávez not to renew the broadcasting license of the TV station RCTV.

IPI director Johann P. Fritz said in a communiqué, quoted by Efe, that the institute "believes that RCTV is being targeted for its critical reporting of events in Venezuela."

The decision not to renew the broadcasting license to RCTV is "a flagrant attempt to silence the station's critical voice and in violation of everyone's right 'to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers,' as outlined in Article 19 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We therefore urge President Chávez and the responsible authorities to ensure that RCTV is allowed to operate freely and without any further harassment."

IAPA notes damages to freedom of the press
The Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) Thursday expressed concern about the continued denial of public freedoms and freedom of the press in Venezuela.

"We have denounced for years the Venezuelan government for its continued disregard of the freedom of the press and, what is a surprise for many, for us it is just a continued state process aiming at reducing the democratic space and ruling at will, in the absence of free press", said chairman Rafael Molina, according to a press release from Miami-based IAPA.

Press and Society Institute worried about action against RCTV
Global association Press and Society Institute (PSI), an advocate of freedom of expression and a defender of reporters against abuses worldwide, regretted Friday the action taken by the Venezuelan government against TV channel RCTV.

Carlos Lauria, the chair of PSI committee of journalists' protection, voiced the organization concern about ongoing clashes between the media and the government and non-renewal of a broadcasting license to RCTV.

Following multiple meetings with a substantial number of journalists from the private and state media, human rights agencies, institutions supporting freedom of the press and government representatives, the PSI delegation found that the failure to renew the license is "a decision that lacks transparency," Lauria said."

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