Sunday, February 25, 2007

Connecting the recent dots...

1) "Elsewhere, Venezuela has revealed how it deals with countries with governments that speak critically of Mr. Chávez. Venezuela shut an aluminum plant in Costa Rica with 400 employees last week after Óscar Arias, Costa Rica’s president, criticized Mr. Chávez’s recently acquired power to govern by decree."

2) "Venezuela’s arms spending has climbed to more than $4 billion in the past two years, transforming the nation into Latin America’s largest weapons buyer and placing it ahead of other major purchasers in international arms markets like Pakistan and Iran."

Chavez is starting to resemble too much to a mentally sick person who hear voices everywhere armed with a weapon ready to shot whatever that moves, because inside his sick little brain it's ALL about him. You see, If Bush wants to meet with Lula, Chavez thinks this meeting it's all about him. If Bush wants to decrease America's oil consumption, then Chavez thinks is a plot to kill him, if somebody farts in Caracas, he thinks that was dedicated to him too.

See, if you are following the news recently, his eternal one sided fight with Pres. Bush, the way he attacked this poor Brazilian journalist, the way he is enforcing his personal vendetta with Marcel Granier and Laureano Marquez... now Oscar Arias and the people of Costa Rica are his newest recent victims... and then let's talk about the weapons buy... he is loading himself with guns like crazy... you can understand where this is going. He will come into the donut shop at noon time loaded with a shotgun and start killing everybody in the name of his social justice or whatever he says at the moment.

I mean, I am starting to feel really sorry for the people who really believe in him or the people that for x, y or z, have to deal with this guy on a daily basis. I mean, it's their fault, but still...

On top of this paranoia, Chavez can't separate the country with himself. Neither he can't separate the treasury and oil that belongs to the country as it is his personal property. Hello??

Now, read this cherry on the top:

"Chavez said he respected the decision by other Latin American nations to "receive this little gentleman," but in Venezuela, "we will never receive him. Never. Because we know what he is. This is nothing personal."

WTF? Nothing personal? He sounds much more like a resentful bride who has been left out all alone at the altar. Wasn't he invited to the prom but he "respects" the girlfriend who was invited by the object of his affection? Sorry but this is too much! I think it was the Bush administration that did close the door of meeting with Chavismo and trow the key many years ago. I praise them for having been very clear into separating the country Venezuela, with the madness of this idiot. What's the point of such painful declaration? I starting to feel sorry for Hugo Chavez now. Geez! C'mon man! Have some dignity at least!

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