Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tyrants don't dialogue ...and don't hold fair elections.

Daniel wrote today and excellent post about Hugo Chavez totally getting into the face of a poor Brazilian journalist who had the bad luck to work for red O'Globo. I said poor luck, because Hugo attacked him on the basis that he worked for O'Globo instead of answering on a professional manner the journalist question,... the attack when on a on and touched a variety of topics such as Lula, soccer, get me another coffee pués (he asked for it like that), O'Globo rancid right wing oligarchs who own it (is this true?) and etc, etc, etc... but of course, he never answered the young man's question about why his government is closing the oldest and most dear TV station of Venezuela, RCTV and why it also has fined the humorist editorial of Laureano Marquez, very important freedom of speech topic that normally any journalist would be interested into writing about it.

I have the answer for the ones of you who don't understand why Chavez really couldn't answered that question. The answer is because he has a personal vendetta with Marcel Granier (the president of the TV station RCTV), and because he also has taken on a personal way the humorism of Laureano Marquez regarding the stupidity of Chavez mentioning on a TV speech that her daughter suggested to his daddy to change the coat of arms of the country, and he was talking seriously the idea of changing it due to Rosines's ideas. I mean, c'mon, how are you not gonna make fun of such comment coming from a public persona, the president? Hello? See, it is totally tyrant-style to get into personal fights with whoever dares to come into the tyrant way, and since he owns the power for the moment, abuse this power and do whatever he wants to fuck this people to the max.

Now, think about this for a moment, watch the videos that Daniel put in his blog, do you think a sick person like Chavez, with an electoral council controlled by his own trusting people, would have had fair elections? Measure himself, the supreme divinity of Venezuela, with us own mortals' power of vote? Exactly. He wouldn't in a million years.

UPDATE: The name of the Brazilian reporter is Pablo Lopez Guelli and this is one of his articles about Venezuela.

Also, he talks about his personal perceptions of Chavez in here.

The SNTP (National sindicate of press journalist) have reacted against Chavez attack to this reporter.

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