Monday, February 26, 2007

The mark of the Beast is not there, but here...

My dear readers, today I had a looot of free time to waste in front of the internet... nevertheless, I am not getting tired of all the news you can get from Venezuela.

"A recent request by socialist Venezuelean President Hugo Chávez to pay an official visit to a Chabad synagogue in Caracas was rejected.

The Chabad official news site posted an article saying that Rabbi Moshe Ferman, the chief Chabad envoy to Venezuela, had rejected the president's request arguing that it was aimed at garnering political gains in light of the West's revulsion of him."

Good for Rabbi Ferman. Let's wait and see what's gonna be Hugo's reaction to the Rabbi...

I dunno, to me he is the Antichrist.


Not, it's not this one... (I know, today I had much of a free time today)

That one is only another stupid ass in the world.

But this one who do this to these two poor chavistorras who wanted to buy meat at the "Mercal" market (click on the pict for news in spanish)...

They needed to be marked as if they were cattle in order to buy groceries at the "Mercal" supermarket. That is, if you still show the mark of the beast, then probably you don't need to buy more groceries until the ink goes away. These pair armed a safarrancho(*) in the store so one of the cashiers had to call the police and they were taking away. So, if you want to buy groceries in Venezuela you will have to face the mark of the beast or else... going to the police.

You know what? These two look like chavistas, so maybe they have a share of the fault on why this is happening. Nevertheless, it's heinous, denigrant, inmoral. And, I am very sorry that this type of situations are happening in a country, my country, which is full of freaking OIL!!!!

(*) Safarrancho is a very loud disagreement and/or complain that can turn into violence.

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