Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Operation Pat Robertson finally undercovered by the good guys of the Venezuelan secret service

"President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said he believes enemies including the CIA are out to kill him, and called U.S. diplomat John Negroponte a "professional killer."

Geez... the CIA, the MOSSAD and another bunch of evil, very evil guys, including Georgie Boy Bush and his consigliere Dick Cheney, they all were involved into this evil, evil, really evil plan to kill the "new rich" hero of the poors, ilegitimate President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Frias.

Apparently, part of the plan, was the CIA to infiltrate the talk show program "Alo Presidente", in which Hugo Chavez waste his precious time parroting about whatever, and to poison his eternal "coffee cups" that he asks everytime he runs out of what to say... very hard thing to do, not even the evil CIA super agents or the Mossad guys have been able to do... Plan "B" was to poison one of the bananas he eats regularly...

Yeep... Chavez said it so the other day... so far, no proofs, we only have to trust in the loud mouth of Mr. Chavez... how is this good soul gonna invent such a horrible thing?

My sources? Sorry, cannot reveal them... they are the same of lunatic Hugo.

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