Friday, March 09, 2007

La novia del pueblo is not getting married...

Do you know what is a novia de pueblo? A novia de pueblo is usually a XIX century small town girl character, who wants to get married. She finally gets engaged, everybody knows about it and she brags about her boyfriend to the point her girlfriends, another novias de pueblo wannabes, can't stand the girlfriend attitude... Sometimes, the novia de pueblo gets engaged with a señorito from another city, maybe a bigger city... and sometimes these novias find out at the altar on her wedding day that the "señorito" never had intentions to marry her, that he is not coming and that he got "engaged" only to sleep with her. So there she stays all alone, with her white dress and her face full of makeup at the altar under the scrutiny and the criticism of the people of her small town. After a few weeks, she finds out that el novio got married with another girl from the pueblo, one of those wannabes novias, this one, not as flamboyant but equally pretty, with more modesty and better attitude... So, the life of the novia the pueblo who got stood at the altar after the "incident" becomes very sour, people talk about her and she becomes very bitter and resented of everybody and everything. Then, she gets old, with no life and a big repertoire of hatred for man, specially that man. A lot of stories and fantasies about "that" man and "that" girl who got married with him... and the people of the town listen to her everyday bitter parroting about el señorito at first with some compassion, but after a short time with resigned boredom.

Well... I think we are having a XXI century socialism "novia the pueblo" moment in here. The attitude of Hugo Chavez towards his homologue Pres. Bush of USA can perfectly come from any Latin America "realismo mágico" novel from mid XX century, usually there always was a character in those novels who resemble the novia de pueblo's sad attitude.

Let's recap the episodes of the Latin American political version of this soap opera. The object of desire is Georgie, he is the type of character that honks the girlfriend outside her home, instead of parking the car and get inside to the house of the girl to meet the parents for an informal chit-chat before going out. He also doesn't open the door to any girl of the block. But the guy is charming, and all the girls like him, he knows he has game going on. One of the girls of the block had fantasies to go out with him, he invited her once but she ruined her chance, this is Hugo Chavez. Then, when Georgie finally decides to go to the prom, he pick another girl, only to infuriate the girl who wanted to go out with him but never got invited.

Just look at the news, while Georgie and Lula have their prom picture taken and having a great time, the loca suelta is rallying the girlfriends from the 'hood to her bashing-Georgie-girls-night-out fest, only to find that nobody is going and she has to bash all alone, with the little brother and friends (Hebe De Bonafini and the other madres) when she has to take them to the movies all by herself. How boring, Hugo.

And, not only that, every time she cans, she takes on the guy Georgie, like here , here or here.

Better stay sober and shut up and take the no invitation with dignity, Hugo. I am telling you, I know that crazy people eats s***, but this is painful to watch. The president of my country doing this. I think he really missed his real career path because he clearly is a showman, like Andres Oppenheimer pointed out in his latest article. I don't agree with Oppenheimer though, if I were Bush, I would totally ignore lunatic Hugo.

Un poco mas de compostura, caballero! Que caballero ni que ocho cuartos? Que papelón brother!!

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