Sunday, March 11, 2007

The truth about President Bush's Latin America trip

Taken from this article from The NY Post, Viva Bush by Ralph Peters:

"March 11, 2007 -- AS our president arrived in Brazil last week, the U.S. media made it sound as if Latin America had erupted in flames. TV news featured flying tear-gas canisters; a typical newspaper headline read, "Angry Crowds Rally Against President in Brazil."

Message: Bush is hated. He's ruined our relations with the hemisphere. Nobody loves us anymore - and it's all his fault.

Well, venceremos, muchachos, and no pasdaran!

If you bothered to read the reports below the headlines, you learned that 6,000 Brazilians had gathered in Sao Paulo to protest Bush's arrival in their country.

Wait a minute - wasn't that 600,000? Or at least 60,000?

Nope. Just 6,000 outraged citizens. Out of Brazil's population of 200 million.

Shucks, down here in Washington you can rally 6,000 activists at a moment's notice to march for equal rights for prairie dogs.

Couldn't Cindy Sheehan have flown down to pump up the numbers a little? (Or Jack "I'm a hero!" Murtha? He'd look studly in a Speedo on a Rio beach . . . )

LEFTIES can take some heart from a larger-scale demon stration in Argentina, where Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is sponsoring an anti-American rally.

In return for letting Chavez stage his boo-Bush-bash, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner got a promise that Venezuela will buy up $3 billion in the government's debt. Oh, and buses will deliver paid demonstrators to the rally."

Exactly! Nothing that Venezuelans don't know. For every Chavez demostration, they have to rally buses full of people whom they paid. Venezuelans are tired to see the long line of buses at Chavista's concentrations, even when Chavez was suppousedly at his high before the elections (that he suppousedly again, won by 63%). As you can see, in this pictures comparing an opposition march vs. a chavista one (the last one, full of people dressed in red), you can tell the empty spots, even when they paid them... they also get tired of the drill and don't go!

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