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The other witch-hunt: Nixon Moreno.

First of all, let me tell you how I see the plans for Hugo Chavez for these next months to come. The Chavistas look like they are in serious search for some puppet opposition, you know, somebody who looks like opposition but really is not. So far, in my opinion everybody in the real opposition somehow has bend over a little bit to play the puppet (see Jurate’s today article). In this category we have some political leaders like Benjamin Rausseo and Manuel Rosales who decided that Hugo Chavez won legally and without committing a fraud on the 3D elections. Very well. Others, who really believe that the only exit is dialogue, like Julito Borges and Teodoro, somehow they also have played their part for Chavismo, willingly or not. The opposition has vanished in the sense that they don’t carry any power, since the institutions, like the Justice system, are all seized by chavistas. Rausseo is not into his flash career of politics anymore anyway, and the people have totally lost trust in Rosales. That is, when he talks people don’t even listen to him. So, what else to do after crashing the political opposition into victims? They need desperately to keep their facade of democracy somehow to the world.

Then, Count Dracula of Chavismo, Jose Vicente Rangel, enters the play, claiming to become opposition, well, sort of a revolutionary "watch dog". Now, out of the government, he is the honest journalist who is “denouncing” corruption inside the government. That is without touching the figure of Hugo Rafael, since the poor President doesn’t know what is going on. Hugo doesn’t know all those dirty business that are happening inside of the government. A pathetic BS. He is only playing some “opposition” so anybody can say Chavez respects freedom of speech in the country, with the media. Are Venezuelans eating his story? I hope not! The same thing with the clowns of Podemos. PPT and Partido Comunista de Venezuela. They are not realizing anything after 8 years of power inside of the government my friends. In my opinion, they are only following orders. This “dissidence” among Top Chavistas is pure theater.

Even the stupid kid that shouted at Chavez while he was giving a speech in his military fashion had to be a plant. Otherwise, you tell me how he filtrated into the area where he “appeared”, where all the top military chiefs were seating.

Now, who can be real opposition in Venezuela? In my opinion, see how Chavismo behaves towards them and you can tell. If Chavismo attacks them on a vindictive fashion and try to morally crush them to cosmic power, probably they are for real. Seems real to me Marcel Granier from RCTV, Patricia Poleo who had to flee the country (some people don’t believe in her, I am not totally sure what side she is… but seems she is real anti-Chavez though). And, Nixon Moreno too. Nixon is a student leader from the state of Mérida who was on his way to win some student elections in May, 2006. Since Chavismo wasn’t winning those elections, they decided to stop them somehow. Then the TSJ (Supreme Justice), stopped the election process inside the University I don’t know under what pretext. Apparently, the pretext was that some student election process in Mérida was ultimately to sabotage the OPEC meeting to be held in Caracas in June the same year. I don’t know. Kind of a strech for me you know, those two cities are very far away. Point is that the government didn’t have the right to stop a protest. DID NOT. Does not and never will. The government, doing this, clearly violated the University autonomy and the students went out to the streets to protest, using their right to do it so. Tal Cual says it better here.

I was doing a little bit of research about Nixon on the Internet and what I found was ridiculously ridiculous. First, Chavista blogs (like here and here) define the character as a sadist sexual pervert and a murderer who has been enrolled in the University for 14 years. For once, I didn’t know that been enrolled in a University for 14 years, rather than sadly say that the guy really doesn’t like to study, was a criminal act. Secondly, did he actually murdered or raped somebody for a fact? When? The international left wing sites, like, The Ottawa Independent Media Centre, hand off Venezuela and (last two written by the same person, Joshue Wilson) called him a fugitive right-wing student leader. What? Now Nixon Moreno is a right-wing leader too? Whoever knows a little bit of the Venezuelan public universities student associations knows how ridiculous are those claims. In any case, movement (M-13) clearly doesn’t have any right wing look to me.

Does this look right wing to you?

And this one? (click on the upper the right side “Nuestras Propuestas” and “Nuestros Candidatos”…)

How about this comment from Vheadlines about the ULA student movements,

“That is the reality of the ULA student movement and its leadership … a mob of gunmen, rapists and students who do not study at all, but enjoy the university privileges: free transportation within the city, almost free canteen, free residence and a very low registration fee … all paid by the Bolivarian government.”

But, but, but, but…. They always have been like that all over the university public system. And their protests, their communist, left wing organizations always have been accepted (even on a bad way, but accepted, ALWAYS, by the government). It is THIS government who pretends in a very facist manner to eliminate the student movement.

It has to be me, good ol’ Citizen Feathers and others (opposition), conservative right-wing nut, golpistas terroristas, who like to eat babies for breakfast, but also believe in political pluralism of ideas and democracy, who have to show the world what Chavismo is doing with their own, since their revolutionary friends like aporrea are hunting them down to kill them. Specially to get Nixon. (See here, here, here, here and here). Who have the courage to tell me that Hugo Chavez is a democratic leader now?

Coming back to Nixon. I have found very hard to find detailed information about his case, what is very clear to me is the way the Chavista propaganda machine wants to destroy this guy very fiercely. The rape allegations seemed very loose, the police woman who is alleging he “tried” to rape her, not even raped her, is very loose. Where is the evidence? What really happened? Why the chavistas are calling this guy a sadist and call him for death like the Pharisees were calling Jesus to death to Pontius Pilate? You know, I don’t know if he is a Saint or a thug, but this witch-hunt against this guy tells you more about the authoritarian quality of the Chavismo than what this guy has or hasn’t done. The Chavista verbally attacks against Nixon are totally out of proportion. What do you think reader?

Some guy in aporrea is telling us the story of the “mal nacido” movement 13 de Marzo, where Nixon is militant.

“Con ron, con cerveza y con escándalos de todo calibre, empezando por el uso de la propia muerte de Luis Ramón Carvallo Cantor para fines tan miserables, como el de la eliminación de los exámenes finales, puso al descubierto desde el principio la verdadera naturaleza de los que encabezan aquel movimiento.”

Jeeeeesus! “For miserable endings, like to eliminate final tests” Ehhh,… hello? Didn’t Chavismo propose to eliminate tests too on public education?? But it is a miserable ending if anyone outside the Chavismo propose this? *sigh* It is always a miserable ending if you ask me. But it’s not miserable at all is a Chavista mente-pollo come with the brilliant idea to eliminate some tests. This is so ridiculous, cleary they don’t know what to say about a left-wing student movement who is against a lunatic dictator who thinks he is the savior of the world.

The conflict was presented on the Chavista TV channel and by the tone of the chavista reporter, seemed that they already have passed judgement on him (totally incriminating him).

But, Nixons is giving us his side of the story here.

Chavismo must be very afraid of the student movement in Mérida (Mérida is by far the biggest student town in Venezuela). “Al estudiantado hay que acallarlo”, right? Nixon has a lot of sympathizers. Also, part of the problem is that the ULA is a public school, who is not in agreement, nor in control of Chavismo. This is a big itch for Hugo Chavez to scratch.

Nixon has requested political asylum and has sought refuge at the Vatican's Embassy (Papal Nunciature) in Caracas. So far, the Vatican is studying the case and hasn’t pronounced on a final way yet.

Ahhh the hypocrisy of chavismo have no name… definitely the treatment of Nixon would have been totally different if the guy would be a chavista. They would have call him a "victim" or maybe a "hero" of the revolution. It's not important if you are a thug or a saint. What is important is that you have to lick the boots of the tyrant.

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