Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The "Chapulin" Chavez

In regards for the latest comments of Minister Helio Costa from Brazil against the Venezuelan clown who happens to also function as a part-time President, Hugo Chavez. Minister Costa said that he (Chavez) as a president could be very charismatic, but his state media, the venezuelan state media shows that come to Brazil were very good to laugh, better than the Chavo. (See Manuel Malaver comments about this in spanish). The Mexican Chavo del Ocho, is a very famous character by Mexican comedian "Chespirito". Chespirito also was famous for his character of "El Chapulin Colorado". (According to wikipedia, in Brazil, the Chapulin TV show (from the 70's), is still a hit!)

See Daniel take on the issue here and here.

The caption of this cartoon is also worth to translate to English:

"Bolivarian Hugo Chavez started well his presidency, with the support of all the citizens. Later, he took off his costume of lamb (democrat gua'u) and went strongly against the rule of law. He let his obliging congress gave him extreme powers, sort of a Chapulín Colorado, and he will rule by decree for 18 months. Enough time to commit any kind of iniquities. As a matter of fact, he has already wiped out a TV channel, denouncing them as coupsters. Doing this, he canceled his democrat I.D., that is, if he once had one. Deplorably."

Cartoon taken from Jungle Mom's blog.

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