Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Venezuelans caught between the slaughter house and the hospital...

Well, well, well, you think you have seen it all, that nothing can shock you any longer and then something comes up...

Our "dearest mommy" dictator Chavez loves us so much and in such a particular way... see... I was reading Daniel's post about Yaracuy governor Lapi and the breaking news of Chavez will nationalize private health care hospitals, and, well... what can I say, just read the way our dictator breaks the news:

"Advirtió que si las clínicas privadas "siguen especulando, incrementando precios, habrá que regularlas, y así como hicimos con mataderos".

He is announcing that if private clinics keep increasing prices he will be forced to nationalized them, just as he did with the slaugther house. (He also mentioned before that he did that because he also cares about the riches)...

Eh? Uh? Ah? I didn't know that the business of the slaughter house and the hospitals was similar, but seems that for our dictator indeed it might be. You know, I am not gonna get into details about why clinics needs to increase their prices (Daniel got into it pretty well) but what about the subliminal message of our beloved dictator?

To me, the guy putting this two words together, slaughter house and clinics says so much about his deranged personality. Psychologically, it gives the collective a little anxiety and terror to know that now the private clinics will be also like slaugther homes, not that he said that, but he is forcing them to think on those two words at the same time. Like he cares the same, either this is the hospital business or the slaughter house one, you know what I mean? And then think about Chavistas in control of ALL health care in Venezuela. Venezuelans now that public hospitals are not too far from been slaughter homes.

Why he has to talk like that? Certainly those who threatens like him when they speak is because they are afraid of loosing control. He knows he is hanging there. Nothing about taking care of their people or respecting the democratic intitutions who put him in power.

Wouldn't be better to privatize the whole business and make it available for all citizens? (I mean, instead of going down with the quality, make them all work to ALL citizens?)

I was gonna end with the words that JPII let to us Venezuelans when he came for visit (Do not be afraid) BUT, how come anybody cannot be afraid of having all the hospitals of Venezuela managed by CHAVISTAS?

I mean, is there another world to describe more than terror? Ultra-terror? Über-terror? I don't know... but this is certainly scary.

Just another proof, not that the world cares, about the authoritarian and lunatic behavior of this man.

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