Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11, 2002


- Jesús Orlando Arellano

- Alexis Bordones Soteldo

- Jesús Mohamad Capote Espinoza

- Ión Fénix Guerra

- José Alejandro Ibarra

- Mauricio Marín

- Rommy José y Yurmi Noé Nieto Laya

- César Mattías Ochoa

- Jhonnie Obdulio Palencia

- Juan David Querales Ramírez

- Víctor Emilio Reinoso Amparo

- Jorge Ibrahim Tortoza Cruz

- Ruddy Alfonso Urbano Duque

... And others (I don't think I have the complete list)

Read more about them here.

Don't miss this photo feature on the Chavistas-planet-of-the-apes-like thugs storming into the people's peaceful demonstration asking Hugorilla to resign. Recordar es vivir, as they say, but for some citizens just like you and me, they didn't have the chance to remember, since they died this day.

And of course, not only pictures, but thanks to youtube et al, we have a lot of videos to show the violence of Chavismo while Venezolanos took the street to ask the loco to resign. For example:

And he did.

"The Joint Chiefs of Staff hereby deplore the regrettable events occurred in the capital city (Caracas) yesterday (April 11, 2002) and, given such events, have requested the President of the Republic (Hugo Chávez) to resign from his position, and he accepted to do so."

- General in Chief (R) Lucas Rincón Romero

And here, you can see here a picture of Chavez resignation statement with his writing and signature:

Nowadays, all of this is forgotten, the president who resigned has taken power illegally and seems it will be per secula seculorum, and the military that had the responsibility to their country to enforce the law and protect the rights of their citizens are left to do minor janitorial jobs. This is what el gran militar y varón Lucas Rincón has been left to do in the government:

Noj...! Pa'eso quedarón! Que verguenza! But see, the problem with this type of janitorial job, Lucas, is that this type of shit doesn't clean, doesn't matter how much money you get paid for. The shit will be always embedded with you. I hope you'll learn to like the taste of it.

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