Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quotables from the King of the fleas, Hugo I...

"Today every commander at every level is obliged to repeat, from the soul and raising the flag high, this slogan: 'Fatherland, Socialism, or Death!'" Chavez told an audience of soldiers in a televised speech. "If some feel uncomfortable with this, well, ask for your discharge and go do something else."

- Hugo Chavez addressing to his puppet military nobody is scared of. April 13, 2007.

And then he proceeded with the regular US-Bush-bashing... Do he really thinks the US is scared of them? After the way they acted on April 11, 2002, my lazy home pussycat is not scared of them. If the US wanted to bomb Chavez´s ass they would have done it long time ago, same way they did to Qaddafi, Hussein, Al-Zarkawi, and the other one I forgot his name in wheel chair with the big nose...

But, this is not the only quotable of El Loco of the day, Quico also have an analysis of this beautiful phrase of micomandante:

"Aseveró que esos 19 muertos del 11 de abril murieron por mí, y ellos los mártires dieron sus vidas para permitir que yo siguiera viviendo".

In English:

"... the 19 people who died on April 11th died for me, they are martyrs who gave their lives to allow me to keep on living."

Wow... my take on this pearl of wisdom is that there´s not a single brain cell functioning properly in his head. I cannot really point my finger on it, but there´s something satanic about this phrase, you now? Nobody died freely that day, no Jesus Christ sacrificing by his own will for the sake of humanity, nor anybody was remotely thinking on sacrificing their precious life for one lunatic with inferiority complex. The majority of them wanted him OUT and were protesting peacefully on a march. Or were just simple bystanders on the wrong corner. I don´t think any of them remotely thought that their own military and police were going to go after them. This is not only cuckoo to a another level, but the lack of disrespect for the families of the people who died that day, to hear this piece of bullshit, it really has no name. The nerve. And then, we have to go back, again, to the ones who are allowing this to happen. The former glorious Venezuelan military, who have reduced themselves to be the messenger boys of the Cuban military in their own soil.

What's up with the Messianic speech now?

"If they kill me, they will repent for 100 centuries" (Why not using the same words of JC? Something like 100o times 1000 years, or 70 times 7 years, or centuries, you know, to keep with the Bible talk?) Guys, I think Easter season really touched crazy Hugo on a very lunatic kind of way... this guy lost it completely.

"If they would have kill me on April 11, 2002, there won't be stone over stone on the Lagunita Country Club"... Reaally?? But Lagunita Country Club is a CHAVISTA neighborhood, how is this possible?

Chavistas think that by behaving like that somehow are harming Venezuelans´ spirit. It does, in a way, but it also helps to build up our thirst for justice against this autocracy from hell. I have to say, it doesn´t matter how Chavismo lately like to clean their asses with dollar bills á la Scarface in our faces, and saying this type of things against the Venezuelan citizens that are not participants of this union of thieves socialist movement... they won´t take the money sack to their graves, but they will take the shame to be remembered as the lowest and most degrading Venezuelans who have ever existed. And that, you all know, is a lot to say.

I guess it´s only signs of times...

Note: And, in the meantime... Chavez´s big mouth against the US is helping our biggest natural competitor with a little kick...

Unelievable... what a disgrace for Venezuela this man has become. A total black cloud.

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