Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kuddos to Gustavo Coronel and NewsMax magazine

I was pleasantly surprised today when I picked my May printed copy of NewsMax magazine (NewsMax.com) (Much-hated-by-the-left Christopher Ruddy editor) and saw a nice time chart writen by Gustavo Coronel. It´s on page 50-51 and it´s titled "A Strongman´s Relentless Rise to Dictatorship: 1998-2007". (I cannot find an online copy of this article, if you have the link, let me know).

This little conservative magazine has picked up a lot in sales over the last year. It ranked No. 532 in Barnes and Noble sales (last quarter 2006), a significant rise from No. 1,147 from the first quarter 2006. NewsMax was also recognized as one of the 25 best selling magazines in college bookstores by Collegue Store Executive Magazine 2006. (Maybe Hugo helped with the sales). Unfortunately, couldn´t find any other source with Barnes and Noble sales, they don´t have sales records on its website.

Congratulations to both Coronel and NewsMax.

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