Sunday, April 22, 2007

Venezolana de VENEVISION

Well, well, well... Quico says it all there is to be said with his post. I just want to make a post about it to have it in record.

"Venevisión mysteriously "switched" its editorial line from hard-core anti-Chávez to increasingly pro-Chávez in 2004.

Since then, we've all assumed there is some kind of implicit understanding between Cisneros and Chavismo, but this clip demonstrates that their collusion goes way beyond "tacit."

Not just understanding, but they cooperate together as Romero Anselmi thanks Bardasano in the phone conversation for the help received. Quico forgot to mention in his english translation about the little rojo rojito Maseratti that the president of Venezolana de Televisión (the PBS of Venezuela, who now is Chavez's private TV channel) has given to the president of Venevisión (owned by Gustavito Cisneros, who shares part of Univision and other hispanic media in the USA (Futura TV), as well for other media outlets all over the world)... as it is also implied in the video that he got the rojo rojito Maseratti thanks to the electoral coverage on Dec 3, 2006. Bardasano thanks him twice for his car and he mentions that he likes to fuck others with it... (like to show it up)... don't know who exactly is he talking about.

Call Tony Soprano! He needs to get some lessons from this pair and his bosses (Hugo Chavez and Gustavo Cisneros). Que chusmas vale.

This is so shameful and disgusting. Signs of times...

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