Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two americans who are keeping track on Hugo's lies...

I recently came in contact with Lance and Lee blogs, Lance blog is and Lee is

They have very good info about many conservative topics and also, they are keeping track of Hugorilla's lies. They did an interview to journalist Manny Lopez after his recent visit to Venezuela after 9 years of not been there. You can imagine the poor guy shock when he stepped out of the airport, which he describes sadly (on a previos March 14th article he made for The Detroit News, where he works as an editorial writer):

"Venezuela is a different place than when I visited nine years ago. This is evident the moment I land in Caracas. The airport, a once-bustling hub of international flights, is a ghost town. Nameplate airlines from the United States and Europe are scarce. Apparently tourism and 21st-century socialism don't mix."

I am sure many of you knows what an airport with very low movement means.

And, Lee was so kind to link one of my post in his blog.

Lee also expands over my question of the possible liberal love towards Cho. And I wasn't wrong. I knew some liberals out there were saving a piece of their heart for this guy, just like they also have a place for Hugo in it too. After all, he is fighting the diablo...

Well, just pay attention to this liberals, the same who love Hugo... just read this piece on moral equivalence (as LGF likes to called it) coming from one of the lunatics at Daily Kos ...

And, pound a little bit over this one... (read the source in here)

Schoolyard massacres are rebellions against oppressive and bullying environments by students who can’t take it anymore.

"The footage from Seung-Hui’s “media manifesto” has played on cable news on an endless loop for days now, and no one has considered the merits of his grievances—except to cast them as proof positive that Cho Seung-Hui was one sick guy."

WHAT? So this guy wasn't evil according to Mother Sheehan and her crowd of liberal treehuggers, he had only some problems, which I am not going to deny it, and I understand the empathy for this poor guy... but... he was ALSO very evil... society cannot apologize for what he did, the bestiality, as a rebellious act, like if this would make it somehow legitimate. So many centuries for the human race trying to tame the beast who live inside of our skin, for now listening to this kind of bullshit?... Make no mistake guys, the only evil one for the liberal mind has to be Bush, or any one who represent conservatism and a cross. Forget about "inconvenient" Chos and abortions of the world... the liberals are only misunderstood children of peace and they are not to blame it for killing 32 at a school.

Can you think about of the happiness of the Al-Qaedas and Ahmadinejads of the world, including Hugo, when they read this types of apolologies from Americans? The lunacy.

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