Friday, May 11, 2007

The car of the Chavista Revolution...

Get this folks, last year, Rolls Royce sold 200 of its exclusive Phantom model in Venezuela. The company expectations were to sell, if they made a good year, only 7.

This 12 cyl, 6.7 Liters, 453 hp, EPA Mileage Estimates: 13 mpg / 19 mpg beauty comes with the very oligarchic price tage of a fricking one million dollars (sold in Venezuela. In the USA this car cost around US $ 300,000 - 400,000, with no bullet proof windows option and other Chavista demanding luxury amenities).

In Argentina they have sold only two. TWO. In Venezuela 200. 200!!!

Yes my dear readers, this is car that the mafia of Chavistas sinverguenzas are buying á la Johny Sacks with his Maseratti. Why they are not buying Ladas or Yugos? Why they have to buy the biggest symbol of aristocracy and luxury with four wells in the planet, when they talk so much shit about capitalism and the riches, the equal distribution of goods and services to all, land and housing expropriation, and etc, etc...? NOooOOOoooOO! "Jesus! why?" they say, "why OH why we cannot have a Rolls Royce carajo?". Like the money they are using to buy this car is theirs. You know, like this is the most natural thing in the world. A communist government official driving a Rolls bought with stolen money from their country's treasury.

You know, in the days of the 4th Republic, that one what Chavismo likes to say was so corrupted (it was), I remeber seeing only one Rolls Royce in Caracas, besides those you can rent for your wedding, and it was an old model,. And, the owner of the old car was a old money lawyer, who I think was never involved in the government. I cannot recall any official with a Rolls, maybe my memory is not that good. In any case, who´s the corrupt now?

The nerve. And the nerve of the people, scholars included, who keep apologizing for this criminals.

I guess when this madness passes away, Venezuela will be the only government with a flamant line of brand new Rolls Royce for its use.

Uh - AHhhhh... Que viva la Revolución!

Así cualquiera brother!!!

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