Sunday, May 27, 2007

Live news from Caracas

2:30 am. Protest for the closing of Radio Caracas Televisión have been reported through many different points in the city of Caracas. The protest in EL Cigarral in la Boyera is been attacked by Metropolitan police. The neighbors of Avenida Romulo Gallego blocked the street and burnt tires, the police didn't mess with them. The opposite is happening in Montalban, in which the police is trying to dissolve a manifestation with plastic bullets. People are trowing objects from their apartments to the police. Other manifestations, in other cities like Puerto La Cruz are been reported all over Venezuela.

This is what you are hearing all along right now in Puerto La Cruz. The same situation in other cities have been reported as well.

Nicolas Maduro, the foreign minister who doesn't know what is the capital of Brazil, spoke to CNN en español, saying that the sound of the "cacerolas" (people pounding their pots and pans) are in celebration for the closing of the channel. Nothing further from the truth, as any communist leader, he is liying very ugly. I never have seen a celebration with people hanging the flag upside down, which is clearly a signal of protest.

The minister also have a problem that a resolution passed by the European Parliament was issued by 43 out of 756 deputies... but that's not totally true, it was a comission of 65, from which 43 voted in favor to pass the resolution, that is then accepted by the WHOLE parlieament... read.

"Freedom of speech is the central issue in a resolution which condems the decision by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, not to renew the broadcasting licence of one of the country's leading television and radio stations, Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV). The current licence expires on 27 May 2007.

MEPs were divided over some aspects of this issue, with rival resolutions coming from the EPP-ED, ALDE and UEN groups on the one hand, and the PES, Greens/EFA and GUE/NGL on the other. The former was adopted by 43 votes to 22 with 0 abstentions."

Could it be that Nicolas Maduro ALSO doesn't know how the European Parliament works?????? :0


10:30 pm. Chavistas thugs have infiltrated peaceful opposition march through all major cities in Venezuela in support of Radio Caracas Televisión and have started violent confrontation with police and national guard. The radio is calling to ALL CIVILIANS to withdraw and block their neighborhood streets.

The call is also for all civilians not to engage into any type of violent confrontation.

The radio is also calling for the military to fulfill their duty that they have swear with the country and not with the dictator who has kidnapped the country and all the democratic powers.

I will keep informing...

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