Monday, May 07, 2007

Maria Conchita takes a stand against Chavez

I am really proud of Maria Conchita Alonso these days. She has taken a stand in the ultra liberal world of Hollywood, meaning that a lot of liberal communist producers will scratch her off their list for future productions, but she seems not to mind. I am sure that taking a political stand is not helping her career. But, after losing two countries, she immigrated to Venezuela from Cuba when she was a little girl, and now watching our beloved Venezuela turned into a shithole by Chavismo, maybe having a star in Sunset Boulevard is not really that important anymore. If only many of us can take that stand. Losing a country due to a crazy communist dictator is very hard to watch. It really hurts. Nobody knows how painful it is until it happens to you. And to her, it happened twice!

Maria Conchita had a great interview yesterday with Sean Hannity (Hannity's America) in Fox news. I have been looking for it out there and on the show page, but couldn't find it. I am sure the show web page will come with a clip of this interview soon, so take note of it. If someone has it, please pass it on, I'll post it here. She pointed out some really good points that deserve to be commented, like the stupidity of fellow friend Danny Glover hugging a criminal like Chavez.

And Maria Conchita is not only giving speeches here and there, she is also gonna play a movie where she will portrait the insanity and brain washing of a hardcore Chavista. Maybe the first world will get it this time.

"Cuban-born actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who grew up in Venezuela and is a staunch opponent of President Hugo Chavez, plans to play a die-hard Chavez supporter in a film that takes a critical view of Latin America's most outspoken leader.

Alonso, a Hollywood veteran who has appeared in films including "Moscow on the Hudson" and "The House of the Spirits," said Monday that she will enjoy switching roles to play a passionate admirer of the president she deplores.

"It is not going to be very difficult to play a Chavista," she told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Washington. "You know, love and hate are very close to each other."

The film, "Two Minutes of Hate," is to include real footage of Chavez's speeches and his supporters firing guns from a bridge when chaos erupted at a large opposition march that led up to a short-lived 2002 coup."

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