Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Big Comemiel** is watching you... from the Anauco Hilton

So, you think that Venezuelans paranoia of Chavismo spying every little thing we do is a product of psychotic dissociation?

Yes, sure. Then, this guy, Huber Mario doesn't exist. He is probably the product of the collective imaginative hysteria of Chavez´s political opposition.

Listen to his interview with "Patti" Poleo and Juan Fernadez here (scroll to minute 26), and another interview with Ivan Ballesteros here (scroll to minute 24). They are held in Spanish, sorry.

What he says in those interviews: So what are the Cubans doing in the Anauco Hilton anyway? The Anauco Hilton is indeed the center of operations of the Cuban intelligence in the country (although we knew that already). Mr. Mario was in charge of spying important Venezuelan journalist in TV and radio, among them, everything that Orlando Urdaneta said. He didn't know who else was doing what, that's how they work. They had to analyze the opinion of those journalist spied and sent a memo with a video to Cuba. WTF? Yes, Venezuela is another province of Cuba. And they are the ones who are ruling our country, Chavez really is a puppet of the Cubans. Can you believe this pathetic shit? Not that this is a surprise to any Venezuelan, but this have to be on record. And this interview is doing it so.

Among other things Huber Mario said, he mentioned he was was given a Venezuelan ID as a VENEZUELAN CITIZEN. Cómo les quedo el ojo?

Also, he explained in detail how the Communist party operates in Cuba, what they do, WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN VENEZUELA, AND WHAT IS HUGO CHAVEZ NEXT STEP IN HIS TAKE OVER OF THE COUNTRY. In general, what Castro did and Chavez is doing is seizing the country, for criminal and opportunistic reasons, nothing more folks. Also, he mentioned the importance of the creation of the Consejos Comunales, people spying in the neighborhood whatever everybody is doing. Mario also said that the first thing Castro did was took over the land from property owners and gave it to... anybody... only for him, and that he is not surprised at all that this is what Chavez wants to do this as well. They need that control and nobody else can have it, doesn't matter how Chavista or Escuálido you are. Period.

Mr. Mario has no doubt about what Chavez is doing. No doubt that Chavez want to implement a communist system in Venezuela.

He says (on the Ballesteros interview) that he was present when Chavez started toying up with the idea of seizing the media... it was an idea of the negro Aristóbulo to start with RCTV. The irony, his wife was a teacher in High School, and I really liked her. How come these people are doing this?

Mr. Mario also said that the literate certificates that the Venezuelan government is giving to the people, are presented to them ONLY after they are taught to read the VOCALS, that's all, not teach the whole enchilada of how to read, one only need to recognize the vocals and you get your reading certificate... A-E-I-O-U... UH-HAAAA!! How is this for a total farce? How is this for not caring for their fellow Venezuelans?

I am sick after of listening to all of these, and writing about it. There is a lot more things to listen in these two interviews folks, so go ahead and do it...

So, what is the problem of communism? Ideology? Nah? The problem is that citizens are stripped of their rights, their land, their human rights, their right to have guns, in other words, the citizens become the slave of one. And they have no means to protect themselves of any abuse of the government. It doesn't matter how Chavista you are, you will be stripped of your rights and your land as well. And thrown in jail if you protest about it.

And why Huber Mario left and is living in Miami right now and is telling us all of these things? He said that because he only wanted to be a free man, very much like all Cubans, very much like any human being.

About this flag: A Cuban dissident, Santiago Valdeolla Pérez, used his own blood to write these messages while in prison. "The fatherland belongs to all of us" - "For Cuba it is time" - "Lets open the door"-"Long live the APPSC (The Assembly to Promote a Civil Society in Cuba) - "Long live a free and democratic Cuba". The flag was sent to Marta Beatriz Roque, one of Cuba's best known dissident and a director of the APPSC. Santiago Valdeolla is a pacifist whose only crime is to ask for democratic changes in Cuba. He is 35 years old and is still in jail. In April of this year his mother, Gladys Perez, denounced that her son received a brutal beating while at the Taco Taco prison. In addition, the religious literature that he was keeping at his cell was removed; the food that his family had brought to him in the last visit was confiscated by the prison guards. A bucket that he had in his cell and that was used to carry water in order to bath, was also taken away by Castro's prison guards. Gladys Perez also has another son, Emilio Leyva, who is currently at the Kilo 5 1/2 prison in Pinar del Rio. Believe it or not, this is happening 90 miles from our shores and in the XXI Century!

Is this what Venezuelans want? No. Is this what the rest of the world want for Venezuela? Yes. Why? Because we have oil and they want it for them. If they can steal it, with the help of a puppet who think he is stealing the shown and he knows it all, and have all of us in prison, much better for them.

Photos: Courtesy of The Real Cuba.

About the prisons graph on top of this article (taken from therealcuba.com): During the Batista dictatorship, there were 11 prisons in Cuba. Now, as can be seen on the above map, there are over 300! The entire island is surrounded by prisons! (and some complain about Guantánamo). The questions are:

- Why so many prisons in a country where everyone is supposed to be equal?

- Why so many prisons in a country where the people are in charge?
- Why so many prisons in a country that for 46 and a half years has been 'educating' the 'new man' that is supposed to be like Che?
- Why so many prisons in a country where 99.9999% of the people 'vote' in favor of the dictator for life?

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