Friday, May 18, 2007

Ten Commandments according to Micomandante(*)

1. To love el comandante first and for upper most things.

2. Thou shalt not smoke.

3. Thou shalt not drink (alcohol).

4. Thou shalt not think.

5. Thou shalt not have sex.

6. Thou shalt not look women in miniskirts.

7. Thou shalt not watch "coupster" TV.

8. Thou shalt sign in the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PUS).

9. Thou shalt hate Imperialism.

10. Thou shalt repeat "Patria, Socialismo o muerte" (Country, Socialism or death) until death.

is an expresion coming from "diga, mi comandante"... "say, my commander". People say it so fast, that mi comandante sounds like micomandante (one word). Also if you separate it differently, mico-mandante, mico means monkey, so, people like to relate those two together as a mean to have a laugh on the man.

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