Thursday, May 17, 2007

The way the revolution operates...

What´s the difference between the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution and the mafia?


Yesterday, there were found 100 kilos (220 pounds) of rotten chicken and beef that were buried on the back of ... a super imperialist grocery store? Nope. They were buried at the Supermercal of La Ermita, in Barquisimeto. What do you think they buried those chickens and beef for? You got it. Yes, the mafia does the same. Supermercales are the government regulated stores. They say they created these stores to stop private business, grocery store owners to charge items too expensive, I say they are created for this reason. To hide products, create a deficit in supply and increment prices. Tony Soprano must be proud.

Oh yes, it´s all in the oligarchic, pro-Yankee imagination. Suure. This is not a blatant proof of corruption of the government. And very bad intentioned too.

Chavez is also toying up with the idea of installing a new era of prohibition in the country. That is, with cigarettes. Easy way to promote mafia practices uh? I think he has something under the sleeve with alcohol too.

Madness and the criminal mind has no limit.

I am sure that the book the Chavismo is reading these days is not Das Kapital but The Godfather.

The nerve.

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