Friday, June 29, 2007

The Horde vs. William Echeverria

William Echeverria is a Venezuelan journalist (against Chavez) who was given "The Premio Metropolitano de Periodismo", he came looking as if he was going to accept it. Asked if he can say few words, to that, the Chavismo representatives freedom of speech lovers nicely said yes. He started first saying Chavistas friendly comments, they all applause him. He asked for reconciliation, to stop the insults (Chavistas shouldn't be called "hordes", among other things...) between Chavistas and opposition... then start taking about the closing of RCTV, you could see some movement on the back, faces turning to see what should they do... suddenly, he said he cannot accept this prize because there wasn't liberty of speech in the country, that's when you see (in the video) the crowd against him changing to applause-happy to the booo horde that was ready to lynch him if he didn't leave. They didn't let him finish. And the top of the cherry was put by Desiree Santos Amaral's (vice-president of the Chavista congress), when stealing the mic, she screams: "There cannot be any reconciliation heeere with such spoiled behaviour." (Implying that Echeverria act was one of an insolent spoiled kid and not a responsible civil act against the totalitarian Chavismo)

Like Radio Caracas TV channel closing was not an act of a spoiled lunatic?, right?

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