Monday, July 02, 2007

Totally taken by a french RAT, who knows how to cook...

Not everything is about politics... but there's a little bit of politics everywhere. In any case, I want to tell you, my dear readers, how much I enjoyed "Ratatouille", another wonderful movie by the fantastic combination and genius team of Disney-Pixar. It amazed me who come they could make such a wonderful film with such a disgusting topic. Think about it, rats, and rats in a kitchen of a restaurant. There's nothing impossible for the imagination. I have to say, when I think about what's my favorite movie, I always think about a good movie made the old fashion way. I never think of an animated movie (or these days, computer generated animation "CGI") as a favorite. But, truth to be told, I am totally cuckoo by animated films, hence my Internet "personality" is stolen from Nick Park's famous claymation film Wallace and Gromit, "The wrong trousers" character, Feathers McGraw... If you never have seen this movie, I highly recommended it. In addition to the successful "Wallace and Gromit" characters, Park also have an incredible funny series called "Creature Comforts" that it is really worth it to watch.

Now, Disney-Pixar wow... must say though that "Cars" is still my favorite of this group, but what a great job they have made with "Ratatouille", and also with "The Incredibles". Incredible. I forgot for a moment I was watching a CGI movie. I wonder how wonderful would be the future for CGI and how will it shape the movie industry. Say, in 20 years, maybe movies wouldn't need real actors. And you wouldn't even notice that they are not real people in them.

I wonder though, talking about politics, why they made Remy's accent (the protagonist rat) very American, when our little friend and the other rats were very "French"... funny is that the two evil characters have a very strong french accent... he he... oh well... I guess it's the little animation war between French and American in animation (think about "Les Triplettes de Belleville"'s depiction of the Americans in the movie). In any case, the movie looks with very good eyes the french culture, and how well they eat, and how bad Americans do.

Don't be surprize when you see some liberal animal loving group with a new slogan "Save the Rats" out there... he he... you will remember this post.

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