Monday, July 02, 2007

Noticiero Digital's Director quit

Noticiero Digital (ND), one of the biggest forum about political news in Venezuela, is facing a systematic and direct attack from people who don't like they are so popular and so plural in their editorial line.

The original directors, Ana Diaz and Frank De Prada, left the country a while ago, since they couldn't keep up with the attacks and threats received by people not interested in this forum to stay alive. Now, his second director, Lic. Roger Santodomingo, received a pervert family threat,via his son's school... that is, his 8 year-old son was given a threat letter at his school. The details and the letter have not been revealed. He was very clear mentioning that he was gonna quit because his family's security is priority. He also said that this is not the first time this has happens, he was received letters and phone calls before.

The casual reader, who is not too well informed about Venezuela, would think, gee, why he doesn't left this to the police? Well, happens that the police in Venezuela is so politicized and so in tune with Mr. Chavez, that anything that want to think for itself, and doesn't lick the boots of the Chavismo is literary, the enemy. Mr. Santodomingo said he was going to file a complain on the fiscalia, the state prosecutor (we know he does it only to set the statement and for future records for when we will trial the chavismo crimes, but we know that they are not going to do anything).

Video courtesy of Plasmatico at youtube.

The mafiosi way of this criminal act will lead the reader to figure it out where the shots are coming from. They are so obvious to me, it's like they get their ideas from mafia stories and novels and The Sopranos, besides all they are absorbing from the communist Cubans. Criminals in a way, are all the same.

Mr. Santo Domingo said that he is tired of the Chavista propaganda campaign that describes Noticiero Digital forum as an employee paid by the US state's department (your truly also receives this comments in this blog on a regular basis... I am yet waiting for my CIA payroll check though).

Whoever follows up the disgusting Chavista TV shown "La Hojilla" (the blade) will tell you exactly the strong propaganda that chavismo has directed against Noticiero Digital.

Connect the dots and you will know where all of it is coming from and where it is leading. Yesterday is was RCTV, today is ND. It is so obvious this is all about the government wanting to eliminate all kind of independent news source that is not totally and abolutely controled by them.

This is case # 2,6785,453 in regards of the abuse of the Chavismo against the citizens of Veenzuela's freedom of speech's rights.

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