Saturday, July 21, 2007


This news has some 30´ish Europe look that is not funny at all.

Via Jungle Mom.

"Our dear intellectual mullah, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, a well read man, who enjoys to rub shoulders with western academia, who likes to quote great men, and once called the Islamic revolution "the greatest plebiscite in history" has decided to buy hundreds of hectares of land in Venezuela just outside of Caracas. Now, why would a Shiite clergyman from Iran be interested in purchasing land in that tropical paradise?"

And, via Correfoc, an article by JAIME DAREMBLUM from the NY Sun.

{Caracas, along with Damascus and Beirut, openly host terrorist organizations from the Middle East. With the express approval of Mr. Chavez, the radical Lebanese of Hezbollah and the Palestinians of Hamas have opened offices in the Venezuelan capital, raising legitimate fears that some of the weapons amassed by Venezuela might end up in the hands of radical groups in Latin America.

For years now members of Hezbollah and Hamas, amongst others, have used the Tri-Border Area of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay for fundraising and recruitment. Indeed, Islamist radical group supporters from the TBA, Margarita Island in Venezuela, and other nations of the Caribbean Basin have funneled hundreds of millions of dollars back to their parent organizations in the Middle East, consequently extending the global support structure of international terrorism to the region. The recently foiled plot to bomb John F. Kennedy airport in New York, for example, was hatched in Trinidad and Tobago. No surprise then that diplomats and foreign observers have dubbed the Venezuelan capital "Caracastan."}

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