Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shall I change my comparison of Hugo Chavez with Tony Montana instead of Tony Soprano?

I haven´t had time to post this news, that is not news anymore, but in any case I want to record what it´s the role that Chavista Venezuela is playing into drug smuggling all over the planet.

Let´s see, so not only Chavistas are disgusting beings who love to insult and attack anybody who dissent their ways, who are into destroying Venezuela´s state oil company, who are into some kind of dangerous relationship with the Islamofacist wing of Islam, but also they are very much into drug smuggling...

"International anti-drug specialists say corruption inside Venezuela's security forces(*) has turned the country into a major route for smugglers moving cocaine from neighbouring Colombia, the world's top producer, to the European and U.S. markets.

Interior Minister Pedro Carreno said the United States uses anti-drug cooperation deals to gain military footholds in Latin America, and that Venezuela refused to be caught in that trap. "They establish a treaty to cooperate financially so that they can later impose military bases."

The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime says Venezuela was the most frequently cited transit country for shipments to Europe in 2005. Italy traced 41 percent of its cocaine back to Venezuela, up from 22 percent in 2004."

But, who is Pedro Carreño? For those who doesn't know, this brilliant shining star of the Chavismo, who happens to be the current Minister of Interior and Justice (!), was dishonorable discharged out the military when he was a Captain for stealing. Secondly, he was the one who sweared that Montesinos was dead in Perú (and not hiding in Venezuela) and also said that the CIA spy people towards DIRECT TV from your living room TV (that is, when you see TV they CIA are watching you from inside the TV! Yes!! He said that!)

You don't believe me, don't ya?

The Dallas News (hat/tip Lee) reports it this way:

"They say high-level corruption has also helped make Venezuela a major haven for drug smugglers running from the law.

The cocaine passing through Venezuela on President Hugo Chávez's watch has risen by as much as 30 tons a year since 2002, reaching an estimated 300 tons in 2006, according to outgoing U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield. That's roughly a third of the world's supply.

"Caracas is replacing Bogotá [Colombia's capital] as a center of everything related to drug operations," said Mildred Camero, who was Venezuela's top anti-drug official until she reported high-level corruption and was dismissed in 2005."

Shall I change my comparisson of Hugo Chavez with Tony Montana instead of Tony Soprano? Yeah, that's more like it.

But why the need of a very rich oil country to get into the drug business? Does Venezuela really need that much money? YES, all those under the table comissions Chavez has to pay, and how about funding his Islamofascist friends?.

(*) None other than the military who has become the ruling class, the boliburguesia. Yuck!

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