Friday, July 27, 2007

Outstanding Venezuelan bloggers

Recognized on Gustavo Coronel's latest post.

"(...) A new political and intellectual leadership is emerging and is today in the forefront of the fight against the Chavez dictatorship. Some of the members of the new democratic leadership are not politicians in the traditional sense. They do not control political organizations. Many write and mold public opinion. They are widely read and mostly trusted by the Venezuelan public because they are saying and doing much of what the people would like to say and do. In appreciation of their efforts I have made a personal ranking of these new leaders. Readers can add their own candidates or react positively or negatively to my choices. I am aware that there are very worthy democratic Venezuelans who are not in this list and that readers might disagree about some of my choices but this is one way to start identifying the influential, democratic leadership in the country."

The Ranking


26. Miguél Octavio. Editor of one of the best Venezuelan blogs in English, “The Devil’s Excrement”;
27. Daniel Duquenal, Editor of one of the best Venezuelan blogs in English, “Venezuelan News and Views”;

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