Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RCTV opens signal through Cable

Happens that yersterday RCTV opened its signal through Cable. Now it will open for many international people to watch. Many people were happy to see their beloved channel on te air again. But, unfortunately, for the most poors, for the BIG CHUNK of the Venezuelan population who cannot afford cable, they are left without the option to watch RCTV, for many, their only source of free entertrainment. And who's fault is this? You are right, none other that Hugo Chavez.

And then you tell me he works for the poor? I don't think so. Repressing a totally overworked poor population, whose life is full of problems, cannot go out at night because their neighboorhods are so violent (thanks again to the government who doesn'e enforce law) that they prefer to stay indoors to stay out of problems. Now they won't be able to watch RCTV. Thanks, Mr. President.

Something else, let's not forget that the government seized all transmition equipment who are a very expensive 53 years capital investment and haven't returned... for what reason?? The TV channel that occupies the free signal that belong to RCTV, channel TVES, has like 1% share or something like that, they have fired their reporter team like 3 times, and like we say in Venezuela, no da pié con bola. Well, my friends, the remote has spoken.

But, Chavez must be very mad to read this:

"Algunos vecinos sienten que han vuelto a esa época cuando llegó por primera vez la televisión al país. Un equipo era colocado en las calles y los vecinos se reunían alrededor de éste. Ahora, la diferencia es que los vecinos de un sector se reúnen en una misma casa. Esa situación se repite en Lomas de Urdaneta, en Catia y en San Agustín.

"Anoche llegó a mi casa el suegro de mi hermano, sus hijas y otros vecinos de mi bloque. En total eran más de 6 familias. Todos vimos Mi prima Ciela y Camaleona. La gente está contenta, pero me da cosa con muchos vecinos que no pueden adquirir este servicio. Creo que estamos retrocediendo. Imagínate, todos tenemos que ir a una misma casa para ver RCTV", señaló Edinson Rincon, habitante de Lomas de Urdaneta."

It says that people now gathered together in homes where they have the channel to share la telenovela with their neighbors and family, like the old times when TV appeared for the first time.

The last thing for herr kommandant left to do to force everybody to listen to him (obviously nobody is interested to hear him any longer), is to do what North Korean do, they have a radio fixed to all household living rooms in the country with propaganda 24/7, you cannot turn it OFF, the only thing you can do is lower the volume...

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