Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chavez worrying about Bush but not paying attentions to national affairs...

How rare. So, what is Chavez doing these days?

Ahhhhhh until when to listen to this madness for the love of God?

Video URL here.

While Pharaoh Chavez is fighting alone his very personal and one-sided-only battle against George W. Bush, 9 years of Presidency and the situation of the penitentiaries in Venezuela is hell on earth.

Specially if you are poor, and a woman.

While the international crowd of Marxist and privileged people who could afford the hassle to go to the freaking Copa América, a group of most violent and dangerous prisoners from the Internado Judicial de Falcón, drunk by a party held in the afternoon, decided to invaded the female aisle, in the same building.

Some of the female prisoners were brutally raped. We don't know what else happened there. The guards (only 4) ran for their lives, the National Guard never entered to reestablish the order, the prisoners entered the recint in the afternoon of Sunday and Monday morning the situation still was unresolved.

And this is the way that the Chavez regime care about the forgotten, the poors, the lowest part of the society? The most needed?

Who do you think are guilty of this situation of insecurity for this group of females in prison? Is there ANY reason on why this is happened but negligence from the Chavista government??

At least the communist Cubans or the Soviets wouldn't let something like this happen.

Where are Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan when you need them?????

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