Thursday, July 19, 2007

Separated at birth?

From left to right, Iris Varela, one of the girfriends of this revolution and Linda Blair impersonating a possesed one in The Exorcist, just like Varela.

OK, this is a Friday post. It's suppose to be fun. Relax Chavistas! If Juan Barreto have a problem with people making fun of him and calling his mama, then he should consider to step down of public office. Ha! In any case, yesterday, while reading the comment section at Daniel´s blog, it occurred to me that those disgusting characters of the Chavismo belong in a novel from another parallel universe and somehow, like a bad joke, they ended in Venezuela as politicians... ruining our life and our Treasury.

So far, the winner of comparisons HAS to be Juan Barreto, that unsavory despicable being that happens to be the Mayor of the metropolitan area of Caracas. I compare him to Jabba The Hut from Star Wars, just for the looks and the natural yuck feeling that it gives to your stomach every time you see one or the other´s picture. Correfoc found great comparisson with Baron Harkonnen from Dune, not only for the look but for the despicable manners.

From left to right, Juan Barreto, Hakonnen by ?, Hakkonen by Moebius, Hakkonen in Lynch's Dune, Jabba The Hut.

José Vicente Rangel, resembles very well in looks and attitude that of Chancellor Palpatine (Star Wars), he was (still is?) the evil mastermind planning the total takeover of Venezuela, just like in Star Wars, Palpatine did the same with the Republic. He also have that je ne sais quoi with Dracula.

Cilia Flores, or Silly Flowers, immortalized by Jaime Bayly like a new, evil version from Mexico´s Chavo del Ocho´s La Chilidrina, "La Chilindrina Maléfica". Bayly was into something very good with this.

What else can we compare Mario Silva:

But with this?

And my favorite, is Hugo Chavez with Tony Soprano. Do I need to say why? These two are not related by looks precisely.

Please contribute with your thoughts! Tell me what Chavista you are comparing to what character (movie, novel, tv sitcom, whatever) and why. Looks and behavior apply.

Some ideas:

From left to right, William Lara (the voice of the revolution), Desiree Santos Amaral (congresswoman, she resembles an angry middle school director, doesn't she?)

Isaias Rodriguez (the poet of the revolution), Nicolas Maduro (the bus driver of the revolution).

The psychiatrist Jorguito Rodriguez, ex Electoral Council President, current executive Vice-President (the FRAUD -not Freud- of the revolution)

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