Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anti-Chavez protest in Bolivia

Well, well, well... where have I seen a similar picture?

Hmmm... both countries are protesting against another country sticking their noses into other people´s backyard. Isn´t this what Chavez ALWAYS criticizes like a parrot about George W. Bush state policies towards Iraq, AH?

So why a man that likes to blah blah blah against Bush 24-7, and who does the same to former Venezuelan Pres. Carlos Andrés Perez is looking so much alike to those two? I am not totally sure about the political answer, other than thirst for total and absolute power of a country full of petro-dollars, but on the psychological level, Chavez is the ugly ducking who utterly despise the prom Queen and secretly, her only true wish is to become her. To be her. Yes, very immature and disturbing.

For Bolivians, this picture is what caused the protest:

I have no clue how come this pictures hasn´t caused a big protest in Venezuela. Gustavo Coronel has written about this and I would love to do some translation of this article, but in essence, Coronel is mentioning the indignant shopping spree that the man is doing in Latin America, buying anything and everything that come across his path. He has an excellent post about this in english too, for all of you to read.

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