Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Axing Chavez

Thanks to M for the updated colored version of this picture.

(Via Well, well, well... looks who's axing Chavez, a peasant. Prophetic, uh? This picture was picked up by sharp tongued Venezuelan political newspaper "Tal Cual". Chavez, this time, while on a visit to Musée d'Orsay in Paris (I have no clue if this is recent or not), had the bad fortune to sit in that chair and had the picture taken on it, he. And the newspapers continues, could it be that the ghosts that are following Chavez are not gonna let him in peace? I hope not. he deserves this and more. While in Argentina, he was up to face scandal, with the case of the Venezuela man, Guido Antonini, who is very close to the top government and PDVSA, found laundering money with a briefcase of non declared US $ 800,000. In the end, the scandal didn't explode on his face in Argentina, it didn't only because the rapid intervention of Kirchner's top aides into putting the curtain on this for a couple of days, giving Chavez time to leave the country. The curtain, however, didn't last for too long. The scandals has become too strong for Argentina's public opinion. I bet the connection of Mrs. Kirchner with this man, also with openly anti-Semitic comments has to be a big headache for her electoral campaign. And this noise that Argentina is generating, is forcing the Chavistas to see how will they do to cover up all the filthy little deals that are leaking on the public opinion with PDVSA's money. Uhmmm... the least of Chavez's problems is this prophetic picture which is sentencing him to the ax.

The painting is by Ferdinand Hodler and it's called "The Woodcutter" (Der Holzfäller). Maybe we need to change the title to "The BS killer". The irony is too exquisite to pass on it. Only if Herr Hodler knew. Just read this (taken from the Musée d'Orsay webpage):

"Holder's transformation of the peasant into an heroic figure, immortalised in the midst of his labour, had only previously been achieved by Millet."

Yes, Hugo mon cher, they raised you up, but they will chop you down as well. Sooner or later, it will happen, with Constitutional reform or not in your hand.

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