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NO to Chavez constitutional reform and constitutional referendum

Chavez constitutional reform in Video:

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6.

Be aware, each part last about an hour. So, if you really want to watch it all, it would take you aprox, 6 hours of your life. It looks like this could have been part of an Ingmar Bergman movie (off topic, he died last month), but unfortunately for us Venezuelans, nope, this is not an existentialist movie from Bergman. This time the absurd has knocked every Venezuelan´s door not by a movie or by a JP Sartre book but by the reality of a communist constitutional reform that the government wants people to vote on a democratic fashion for it. The irony.

I haven't watched the whole set of videos of Pharaoh Hugo I, and I have no intention to do it so. I prefer to watch and read about what it is been said about it. Herman Escarra, constititutional lawyer, talks about this "reform":

From Chavez´s speech:

Chavez: "Mrs. President (of the Venezuelan congress), how much was the participatory level of these recent mayor elections? 20%? This, from a rigid political point of view, those elections don´t have any legitimacy! Compadres!"
Of course not, compadre Chavez. And how much was the participatory level of the elections for the members of the Asamblea Nacional caballero Chavez? Something like 11%? So what´s the legitimacy of a Congress who wasn´t elected by the people in voting for a constitutional reform that will strip the citizens of Venezuela from their democracy? You got it, none. Exactly, a point that this blogger has parroting since the beginning of times.

This is a very important point that seems people abroad are not getting it. Daniel posted today´s Washington post editorial in which it offers a very good commentary about what´s going on in Venezuela, but I noticed there´s a little part they are not getting it.

"Since the opposition unwisely boycotted the past election, the entire National Assembly supports Mr. Chávez and is likely to approve his plan. The next step would be a national referendum this year, which might be Venezuela's last chance to prevent Mr. Chávez from setting himself up as president for life."

Wisely or not, the people didn´t vote for them, that was the way the people choose to protest about a fraudulent electoral process ruled by a 100% Chavista electoral council in which anybody DIDN'T want to participate. If we "wisely" had chosen to participate in it, then we would have found ourselves in the same spot as per today, with a X percentage of Chavista (it will be the majority of course) and with an X percentage of opposition in the congress. This political diversity would support a bird's eye viw that in fact the Venezuelan congress is "transparent" and very democratic. And in the end, this WP very same editorial would have said, "but, since Venezuelans voted for a Chavista majority in their congress... " No, we didn't.

I utterly respect the opinion of fellow Venezuelans who think it is a good idea to participate on this new constitutional referendum as a matter of prove they are cheating, but I don´t agree with them. We have demonstrated it before and nobody cares, really. The ones who will vote thinking this time it will be the time it will be clear that they are cheating will be only validating an non-legit Congress, just like comrade Chavez said. Clearly, the people are against this constitutional reform, and Chavistas desperately need this participation, they want the debate, the people saying we will vote NO to this, etc.. at the end, they will get away with their numbers since they control the electoral council, and they will get every single one of the "opposition" protesting about those numbers into an eternal loop of arguments and bullshit just exactly like they did on the referendum of 2004 and the latest Dec 06 presidential elections, and just like their little army of bandoleros do on the internet, hopping from blog to blog, talking about how legal all of this is, about the international observers, the statistic that show this and that, and the other, blah, blah, blah and all kinds of incredible decorated shit you won´t even understand the creativity involved to come with it.

It doesn´t make sense at all to me to see so many smart Venezuelans engaging into this Chavista game. That´s what they want. Did you see the non-legit congressman Ismael Garcia talking on the video that we need to debate this shit, like this is all very legal? First of all, he is not even a real congressman, WE DIDN´T VOTE FOR THAT CONGRESS.

The only way that we can´t prevent Chavez get away with this without any violence, it´s to be spoken about this. A civil movement doesn´t need a political leader, it doesn´t need anything, any validation from the opposition, it is only the different groups of the society the students, the intellectuals, the actors, the housewives, the motorizados, everybody interesting in keeping the democratic spirit of the constitution in it, to be spoken about this. It only requires the democratic idea behind it.

I have little hopes. My feeling is that Chavismo will get away with this farce, and my poor Venezuelan countryman who live inside Venezuela will become the new slaves of the new generation of Castro-communism psychopaths from the Caribbean, this time with a lot of petro-dollars to buy anything and anybody.

Videos via Plasmatico from Megaresistencia.

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