Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Robert Alonso

A big majority of the Venezuelan political opposition haven't got it yet. Just flip the newspapers and listen to what reporters and opposition politicians are talking about: the constitutional "debate", the possibility of voting on it as a whole or by different articles, the change of time dictated by his Highness Baron Hugo Munchausen Chavez and all the other agenda that Chavez and his thugs have put on the arena for the citizens to engage. Ay Caramba!

This same opposition, intensely despise one man that always have been clear as spring water and ahead of everybody else inside Venezuela's political world into figuring out Chavez Castro-comunist plans. They love to show his picture in which, apparentely, he is working now in Miami as a ambulance driver, like he lost his dignity or something like that since he has a decent job as a driver and decided to escape to freedom. This man is Robert Alonso. The opposition politicians portrait him as a extremist who likes to eat babies in the morning, and if that's the opposition, just imagine the Chavismo propaganda against this man. I never understood this strong reaction against Alonso from the part of the "Coordinadora" and other political anti-Chavismo groups. Now, everything looks a little bit more clear. If people would have follow the Guarimba, perhaps we would have been free of Chavez as per today. Could it be that many opposition politicians are following Chavez's game knowing exactly what they are doing?

Alonso offered today a great interview to Marcos Petri, an interview that some opposition "leaders" and regular folks inside Venezuela need to listen more than one time, and understand what they are saying. I think he is so right, this man knows where the shots are coming from.

In spanish.

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