Thursday, August 09, 2007

No wonder why the media is one of the biggest problem of humanity for Hugo Chavez

Chavez's latest quotable phrases: "One of the greatest problems facing humanity is the media".

This is getting to very funny level if not because of the tragedy. DUH, he says that after a big scandal that is involving HIM directly and is exploting while we speak, on his big, fat mole.

"Actually, the huge cash stash is the clearest proof that the Government was involved. Given the exchange controls, nobody in the private sector would dare bring cash in or out of the country. It's just too risky anyway under normal circumstances, let alone under exchange controls. So, there has to be a clear link to the government, which is importing bills to give to the banks to hand out to clients. Meanwhile, the local cover up continues, rather than looking at the details, the
VP says that the whole thing is stupid and it is all a plot to cover up the good Chavez is doing."

-The Devil's Excrement.

Now, this is very important. Any citizen outside the government cannot have that amount of cash with them, because they cannot get it. It is forbidden, the banks won't give it to you. No access to it. Unless you are a drug dealer, but I don't think drug addict are paying their fixes with dollars, since they cannot get them as well.

On the Argentinian side, people are starting to resign. Mr. Uberti just quit because of this case. Something to note is that Venezuelan are getting this news because of the media and the government in Argentina. The Venezuelan media hasn't been able to get any news from the Chavista's official side but a simply "this is a plot from the empire to dust Chavez's good deeds". The nerve to say that.

Please, read Miguel's detailed account about this scandal that the Chavista government wants to cover-up. Daniel also have a very good post about this.

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